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Sustainable Procurement

Easy Supply Chain Mapping

CommonShare’s cloud based, secure supplier portal efficiently helps companies map their existing vendors and supply chains. Our graph architecture allows companies to quickly cascade supplier mapping from tier 2 all the way to agricultural inputs. Collaboration tools enable your suppliers to participate with your teams in the mapping process.

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Product, Facility, and Company Level Mapping

Over 1,000 standards now govern “sustainability” and other responsible production claims across the supply chain. Cross-functional teams can easily collaborate to build audit trails across multiple different certification types and entities.

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Transaction Traceability

Map and monitor every shipment and delivery of raw materials and finished goods to go beyond sample-based audits. Our transaction mapping software provides compliance officers the audit trail required to respond to a rapidly evolving regulatory environment.

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Third Party Product Claim Verification

Fragmented product and vendor compliance databases currently force teams to manually scan hundreds of different applications. Using our third party product claim verification, retailers can map their vendors against product claims, identify and quickly rectify compliance gaps.

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Notifications and Alerts

Real-time notifications allow for rapid response to suppliers falling out of compliance on key certifications. Reporting and dashboards allow for quick identification of sustainability capability gaps in the supply chain.

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