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Responsible Sourcing

Supplier Gap Analysis

Easily identifying competent suppliers that can deliver high quality products with sustainable ingredients is an increasingly complex challenge. Sourcing teams need to be able to rapidly identify supplier gaps based on capability, geography, and product attributes. Utilizing our B2B supplier marketplace, buyers can efficiently identify suppliers based on product capabilities, sustainability ingredients, and a variety of other search parameters. Lead lists can be managed alongside existing supplier maps to efficiently design sourcing programs.

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Inquiry Management

Tired of managing sourcing requests via spreadsheets and email? Our broadcasting solution allows for easy sustainable product development by allowing sourcing teams to communicate sourcing needs to custom lists of suppliers all at once. Suppliers also love the solution as they can build relationships with multiple brands within one platform while maintaining security.

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Geography Determined Supplier Response Management

Manage broadcasts by radius-determined geography to both ensure relevant responses while encouraging and enable local production partners. All company manufacturing facilities within the architecture are geotagged, offering pinpoint sourcing capabilities for product development teams.

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Compliance Integration

Compliance officers often receive sourcing data after the fact and are faced with the mess of trying to tie together auditable documentation with commercial data. Combined with our sustainable procurement dashboard solution, the platform allows sourcing and compliance teams to work in tandem.

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Exports and API Integration

We hate lock-ins. Easily export data from the platform to your own procurement solution via spreadsheet export or API integration. Our microservices architecture allows development teams to easily map, and then push/pull data from the platform to ensure integration with your existing solutions.

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