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Authentic ESG Communication

Composable Data Management

According to research firm Statista, 19.6% of worldwide retail sales were online in 2021, up from 13.8% in 2019, with 24.6% of worldwide retail sales anticipated to be online in 2025. Reaching consumers that care about sustainability increasingly relies on interoperability of digital platforms. Yet sustainability data often is trapped in B2B systems and annual CSR reports. Unlocking this data is critical to credible ESG and sustainability communications. Leverage our microservices architecture and data streams to communicate sustainability authentically at all points of sale.

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Digital Badging and Verification

Displaying third-party proofs on sustainability compliance with interactive verification badges is a critical step in building trust with consumers while meeting regulatory expectations. When combined with our sustainable procurement dashboard, these badges provide a powerful differentiator in a world where sustainability is becoming mainstream.

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Sourcing Journey Mapping

Transparency is rapidly becoming the twin strategy alongside sustainability for building brand value with conscious consumers. On demand sourcing journey widgets communicate positive sourcing choices while supporting your suppliers through additional exposure and promotion. Widgets can be built in minutes from compliance data and identify suppliers, processes and ingredients in an interactive product timeline.

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eCommerce Plugins

eCommerce plugins allow merchandising teams to easily map products from Shopify and other eCommerce platforms into CommonShare’s compliance platform. CSR, Sustainability, Sourcing, and merchandising teams can all collaborate without distracting internal IT resources. Beyond building credibility, embedded sustainability proof points at point of sale are shown to boost online conversion rates.

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Content Marketing Plugins

Build industry trust by embedding rich sustainability content in your brand website and content marketing platforms.

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In Store Experiences

Connecting with shoppers in store through interactive QR codes that tie back to compelling supply chain data and narrative.

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